Introducing RetroUI Free!

RetroUI brings back the Windows 7 user experience to Windows 8, giving you the best of both worlds!

Thinix RetroUI™ Free is an easy to use software application for Windows 8 that gives you the classic (Retro) desktop experience you are familiar with in Windows 7. With RetroUI you can use all of the new benefits of Windows 8 without giving up the easy, intuitive design of the classic desktop for getting work done.

Now, you can get a free license* by following the steps listed below. After you complete these three steps, we will email you a license key for RetroUI Free.

1. Login

Login with your existing Facebook account.

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Like the RetroUI page on Facebook.

3. Submit

Submit your email using the form below.

4. Receive

We send you a license for RetroUI Free.

Want the full version? RetroUI Pro is only $4.95. Head over to the download page to start a 7-day trial and try it before you buy.

*RetroUI Free is licensed for private use only

**To download RetroUI Free, you will download the normal RetroUI Pro version, but when the product is licensed it is activated and the feature set changes it to the Free version.

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