RetroUI Pro 3 Brings the Efficiency and Simplicity of Windows 7 to your Windows 8 PC


Upgrade includes a new Start Menu optimized for Windows 8 and RetroUI SuperSize™ technology.

Thinix is pleased to announce the release of RetroUI Pro 3.0 (Retro User Interface), easy-to-use software which greatly enhances the user experience of PCs running Windows 8. The new version adds a new Windows 7 style Start Menu with integrated Search capability, improved speed, drag and drop control of pinned favorites, and many other improvements. RetroUI works great with one monitor but also now includes a revolutionary new SuperSize™ technology which allows Windows 8 Apps to span-across multiple monitors. SuperSize is included free with RetroUI Pro.

Microsoft made many changes in Windows 8 which are confusing to many long-time Windows users. RetroUI Pro, is an easy-to-install application which allows you to retain the improved security, Apps and features of Windows 8 and bring back the simple user experience (Ux) of Windows 7.

How can you try RetroUI Pro with SuperSize?

A fully functional 7-day free trial is available: Download RetroUI Start Menu for Windows 8

There are now several products which provide a Start menu in Windows 8, however, only RetroUI Pro integrates with the new Modern UI (Metro) and Windows 8 Apps to truly make Windows 8 more like Windows 7. RetroUI Pro has developed the advanced patent-pending Enforce™ technology that allows Apps to run in resizable windows, and brings back the Taskbar whenever the Modern UI is running. This eliminates the confusion with hidden Hot corners and makes Windows 8 behave like Windows 7.

"Users want Windows 8 to be more like Windows, that means adding a start menu, but more importantly, it means changing how the user interacts with the new Modern UI and Windows 8 Apps," said Anthony Clark, VP of Business Development at Thinix. "With the release of RetroUI Pro v3, users will now find that Windows 8 is as easy to use as Windows 7, and will benefit from the Apps, and added security of Windows 8."

RetroUI Pro makes Windows 8 easy - solving the biggest end-user complaints.

RetroUI SuperSize™ is a new feature of RetroUI Pro which focuses on improving Windows 8 for multi-monitor users. SuperSize allows the Windows 8 Start screen and Windows 8 Apps to seamlessly span across multiple monitors. SuperSize is able to use dissimilar (different size) monitors by joining their adjacent areas into a single large display, which is then used to allow Apps to span across multiple displays. It's fully integrated into RetroUI, so users can toggle Apps to be edge-to-edge, or full screen using the full resolution of all of their displays.

"We wanted to run Windows 8 Apps across multiple monitors but it wasn't possible without spending hundreds of dollars for specialized hardware," said Don Van Oort -CTO. "So we added SuperSize to RetroUI Pro to allow Apps to span across all their monitors. Playing games and using other Apps with SuperSize enabled is amazing!"

Where can I get more information?

Find comprehensive information on RetroUI Pro at

Availability and Pricing

RetroUI Pro 3.0 is immediately available for purchase starting at $4.95 /PC or $9.95 for a 3-PC license for personal computers. SuperSize is currently included in RetroUI Pro at no extra cost. Business and Education Licenses with options for long-term support are available. Visit for more information. Users of prior versions of RetroUI are able to upgrade to the new version.

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