"Make Windows 8 Look Like Windows 7"


Article by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

"Have you upgraded to Windows 8 and wish you hadn’t? Are you confused by the fact that the Start Menu is gone? Are you left wondering why the new Windows 8 apps can’t be run in a normal Window? Why do they have to be full screen? Do you with Windows 8 apps had an [X] in the corner so you can easily close them?

You need RetroUI Pro. This is an inexpensive, easy-to-install, and add-on product designed to improve the user experience on desktop and laptop PCs running Windows 8.

RetroUI Pro allows you to brings back features which Microsoft removed in Windows 8, such as the Start Button and Start Menu, and adds RetroUI exclusive features that allow you to run the new Windows 8 Start Screen and new Windows 8 Apps on the classic Windows desktop."

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About RetroUI Pro:

RetroUI Pro is the most advanced Windows 8 start menu and desktop customization app available and dramatically improves the Windows 8 experience of users around the world. RetroUI Pro makes Windows 8 easier and more fun by bridging the gap between the new Start screen features and what people are used to from prior versions of Windows.

For more information, or to download a full 7 day trial of the new RetroUI today from RetroUI.com