Eliminate the Confusion of Windows 8 with RetroUI…now for Free!


Thinix is now offering a free version of its popular Start menu application to Facebook users

Thinix is excited to announce the immediate release of RetroUI Free, software that provides a Start button, classic Start menu, and Windows 7-like user experience to Windows 8 PCs. Anyone with a Facebook account is now able to download and receive a free license for one computer. RetroUI Free is a version of the top-rated RetroUI Pro application which provides a comprehensive solution for bringing the simplicity and efficiency of Windows 7 to Windows 8.

How can users download RetroUI Free?

Instructions for downloading and receiving a license are located here: Download RetroUI Free

"We are excited to make RetroUI Free available to Facebook users," stated Don Van Oort, Thinix CTO. "Users want Windows 8 to be more like Windows 7 and Windows XP, and that means adding a Start menu and Start button that they can easily use. RetroUI Free provides this and many more features. It’s easy to install, and provides Windows 8 users a one-stop solution for the biggest complaints and issues."

RetroUI makes Windows 8 better - solving the biggest end-user complaints:

Where can I get more information on RetroUI Free or RetroUI Pro?

Find comprehensive information on RetroUI at RetroUI.com

Looking for a more comprehensive solution?

RetroUI Pro is available for as low as $4.95 for one PC or $9.95 for a three PC license. Business class licenses with expanded support are available. Visit RetroUI on the web for more information.

About Thinix

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